gibbs business school


gibbs business school


gibbs business schoolgibbs business school
Office Administration Degree Program
The Office Administration Program is an 18-month day and 21-month evening degree program that combines the college experience of a liberal arts education with executive-level training in professional skills required for careers in a business office environment. The objectives of this program are to prepare the student to meet the challenges of the competitive business world and to pursue lifelong learning in an area of specialization which best suits your individual needs.

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Executive Assistant Certificate Program
The Executive Assistant Certificate Program is a 9-month day and 12-month evening degree program designed to prepare students for a career in a business environment that will utilize the latest technology to enhance and expand its operations. This program offers hands-on experience with the latest hardware and software used in business today. Skills in written communications, effective speaking, teamwork, critical thinking and efficient office practices are emphasized.

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