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The Chubb Institute Advanced Web and Business Programming

The Chubb Institute's Web Development & Business Programming curriculum prepares you to enter the job market with the knowledge and skills to design, write, implement, debug, enhance, and maintain business software applications on PC platforms. Additionally, you will develop an e-Commerce site. Our curriculum focuses on key areas such as: Object-Oriented Programming, Graphical User Interface (GUI) design, Relational Database processing using Structured Query Language (SQL), PC-based development tools, as well as an introduction to project management and effective communication skills.

We are fully accredited. When reviewing our offerings, please remember that we are here to serve you, the student. Without you, we could not operate successfully.

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We also have extensive campus systems for a more traditional school environment. With easy access to all major forms of transportation, as well as free onsite parking, we can make your educational experience something you will treasure.

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