master degree in marketing


master degree in marketing


master degree in marketingmaster degree in marketing
4.1 General Information 4.2 Structure of Master's Degree in Business Studies 4.3 Structure of Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies 4.4 Accounting 4.5 Marketing 4.6 Management and Leadership 4.7 Commercial Law 4.9 Entrepreneurship


Basic studies (15 Finnish cr./30 ECTS cr.) Finnish ECTS
YMAA10 Basics in Marketing 4 8
YMAA20 Marketing Research and Information Systems 4 8
YMAA30 Business to Business Marketing 4 8
YMAA40 International Marketing* 3 6
Subject studies (21 Finnish cr./42 ECTS cr.) Finnish ECTS
Compulsory studies (16 Finnish cr = 32 ECTS cr):
YMAC10 Marketing Planning 4 8
YMAC65 Competitive Strategies (YJOC10)* 4 8
YMAC81 Introduction to Scientific Research 1 2
YMAC82 Methods of Data Collection 1 2
YMAC83 Method Studies 1 2
YMAC84 Seminar and Bachelor's Thesis 5 10
Optional studies - min. 5 Finnish cr. / 10 ECTS cr. of the following:
YMAC11 Marketing and Networks 3 6
YMAC20 Service Management (YJOC44) 2 4
YMAC28 Communication and Persuasion (YVIA38) 1 2
YMAC30 Pricing 3 6
YMAC46 Basics for Argumentation and Rhetoric 2 4
YMAC48 Commerce and Distribution 3 6
YMAC55 The Basics of Electronic Business (TJTC75) 4 8
YMAC56 Marketing on the Internet 2-4 4-8
YMAC57 Basics of Interactive Banking* 3 6
YMAC58 Managerial & Industrial Economics (KTTC58) 2-3 4-6
YMAC62 Basics in Consumer Behaviour 3 6
YMAC63 EU Marketing 3 6
YMAC64 Entrepreneurship and networks (YRIC56) 3 6
YMAC69 Theory of Public Relations (YVIP34) 1-2 2-4
YMAC70 International Marketing Project Work* 3 6
YMAC77 International Business* 3 6
YMAC80 Compensatory Foreign Studies 1-5 2-10
Advanced studies (40 Finnish cr./80 ECTS cr.) Finnish ECTS
Compulsory studies: (26 Finnish cr./52 ECTS cr.)
YMAL60 Global view Marketing Game 5 10
YMAL84 Laudatur Seminar 1 2
YMAL85 Master's Thesis 20 40
YMAL89 Maturity Examination - -
Optional studies - min. 14 Finnish cr. / 28 ECTS cr. of the following:
YMAL12 Research Traditions in Marketing 2 4
YMAL13 Competition and Cooperation 3 6
YMAL20 Advanced Course in Consumer Behaviour 3 6
YMAL50 Marketing and Strategy in Finance Industry 3 6
YMAL51 Special Issues in Financial IT and Management 3 6
YMAL61 Compensatory Foreign Studies 1-10 2-20
YMAL62 Corporate Environmental Strategy and Marketing (YJOL54) 3 6
YMAL70 Franchising and Franchise Management* (YRIL55) 3 6
YMAL71 Customer Relationship Management 4 8
YMAL72 Special Issues in Electronic Business 2 4
YMAL74 Marketing Communication today 2 4
YMAL78 Qualitative Methods (YKPC57) 1 2
YMAL79 Quantitative Methods (YKPC58) 1 2
YMAL82 The Future of Banking 2 4
YMAL83 Marketing in Technology Firms 3 6
YMAL99 Other Advanced studies in Marketing ** **
Credits TOTAL 76 152
*) the language of instruction is English
**) = the number of credits will be agreed on separately.
Students are also allowed to participate in YMAC50 Professional Training, 1-5 Finnish cr. / 2-10 ECTS cr.

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