mba course


mba course


mba coursemba course
MBA Courses 2001-02
MBA Required Courses: Listings
MBA Required Courses: Descriptions
MBA Elective Courses: Listings
MBA Elective Courses: Descriptions


MBA Required Courses:
2001-02 Course Listings
POLECON 235. Ethics
OB 285. Managing Through Mutual Agreement

Fall Quarter
ACCT 210. Financial Accounting
MGTECON 200. Managerial Economics
OB 270. Organizational Behavior
OB 271. Dynamics of Organizations
OIT 245. Modeling for Quantitative Analysis
OIT 265. Data and Decisions

Winter Quarter
FINANCE 220. Finance
MKTG 240. Marketing Management
POLECON 230. Strategy in the Business Environment
OIT 255. Management in an Information Age
OIT 262. Operations

Spring Quarter
ACCT 211. Managerial Accounting
HRMGT 280. Human Resource Management
STRAMGT 290. Strategy and Organization in the Global Economy

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MBA & Sloan Elective Courses:
2001-02 Course Listings
General and Interdisciplinary
Global Management
Human Resource Management
Managerial Economics

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mba course.

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