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top business school
top business school

Job Forecast for M.B.A.s Grows Darker by the Day
Several months ago, business-school students spotted career storm clouds on the horizon. At this point, it's still raining steadily -- and no one knows when the weather will improve.

B-Schools Target Women To Boost Enrollment
As the percentage of women falls in many M.B.A. programs, admissions pros adopt new marketing strategies to improve their image among prospective female applicants.

It's Back to Basics For One Business School
At the University of California, Irvine Graduate School of Management, the focus is on giving students the right kind of knowledge to manage in a networked economy. Corporate recruiters are enthusiastic about this approach.

Tapping M.B.A. Alumni To Land Job Interviews
As the economy slows and recruiters reduce the number of campuses they visit, alumni in powerful positions may become even more critical to helping business-school students earn a closer look.

And the Winner Is... Dartmouth's Tuck School
Small M.B.A. programs get top honors in our survey of recruiters. Find out which programs are recruiters' favorites and why.

Savvy Recruiters Extend Their Reach
Though most top firms recruit at such traditional M.B.A. strongholds as Harvard, Wharton and Stanford, one expert says that wise search pros recognize the benefits of casting a wider net.

An Expert's View of the M.B.A. Hiring Landscape
Though bleak reports have some business-school students worrying about their job prospects, Mark Case, director of career services at the Yale School of Management, cautions that these forecasts don't show the full picture.

Study Takes Fresh Look At Business-School Rankings
Ron Alsop, editor of the new e-book, "The Wall Street Journal Guide to Business Schools," explains why the Journal turned to corporate recruiters when it decided to conduct its business-school survey. Plus, recruiters' top picks in b-schools.

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